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Rape and Cocktails – Suzanne Moore Does Delhi

January 2, 2013


Suzanne Moore interrupted her Christmas break to provide the Guardian with some hard-hitting reportage. She anticipates ‘criticism’ for the fact she stumbles across some ‘local news’ whilst on a luxury holiday in Goa, with this humble paragraph:

‘I am a tourist not a traveller, I don’t kid myself, and now I am in Goa on holiday with my family on beautiful beaches where westerners and wealthy Indians live the high life. These beautiful people are here to party, to drink strawberry mojitos, to dance.

But I can’t stop watching the news’!

That’s right Graunwatchers! Suzanne Moore’s big scoop is something she just happened to see on telly, like everyone else around the world. But her ‘connection’ with India and, more importantly with teh wimminz, means she feels it is her duty to lecture us, I mean report on the reactions in India to a recent rape of a woman in Delhi.

Moore’s article is a run of the mill Graun feminism mix of propaganda – ‘Rape is not about sex. It is about power’ – and ‘confessional’ – ‘When I first went to Delhi some 30 years ago I stayed in some flophouse. Men knocked on my door all night. They wanted two things. Sex and Johnnie Walker. I barricaded myself in, got out my Swiss army knife and my hat pin’. But far more revealing was her twitter feed as she holidayed in Goa, watching the Indian news of the protests about ‘violence against women’. The photos she posted on twitter summed up everything I dislike about Moore’s particular brand of feminism. First, screengrabs of media coverage of demonstrations in India showed Moore’s interest in ‘retaliation’ by women against violent men. ‘Kill the cruels’ read one placard featured by Ms Moore on twitpic, ‘Stone the rapist to death in public’ another. This is the Valerie Solanas school of ‘women’s liberation’, and Moore made no attempt either on twitter or in the Graun, to question the ‘eye for an eye’ attitude of the women protestors.

But worse than that, in between her hand -wringing and ‘concern porn’ Moore posted photos of the cocktails she was drinking in Goa. Was she trying to lighten the mood for her ‘audience’ at home? Or to remind us that she’s not all angsty misandry, but also a ‘good time girl’? I don’t know, but I am glad she could sip a ‘Burmese pomegranate magarita’ to help her swallow the reality she was witnessing. But victim feminism never admits to its voyeurism. The ‘confessional’ at the start of her piece, where she intimated that she used her hatpin as a weapon against predatory men, when she was a young ‘tourist’ in India many years ago, serves to link her with the women victims of violence today in India. It’s a clever device but I don’t buy it. Because Suzanne Moore, a Guardian columnist who lives in a very smart, white, rich postcode of London, and who holidays in Goa with her smart phone and her disposable income, knows next to nothing of the lives of ordinary women – AND MEN – in the subcontinent of India.

Someone who DID know a great deal about life in India, Gandhi, is going to have the final word today. He said:

I believe in equality for everyone, except reporters and photographers.



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  1. January 3, 2013 12:37 am

    Hurray! Graunwatch returns 🙂

    I note that Suzanne Moore, this site’s unofficial mascot, is blundering into an area of moral difficulty for Guardian-readers.

    See, it’s all very well to be damning smug Western “imperialist” attitudes of moral superiority*, but then on the next page we’re explaining to Indians that they should have precisely the attitudes on gender issues believed in by a failing newspaper from a small, recently-civilised island…. Indeed, Moore opines:

    “The new India can only be birthed through the rights of women to be free, safe and equal”

    I’m sure they’re very pleased to hear such fine language. (what does it mean?)

    The Guardian. The paper where different parts of the brain don’t need to connect up. Ever 🙂

    • January 4, 2013 3:17 pm

      thanks Henry.
      I am going to write a post about the future of Graunwatch to see if we can come up with some new ideas.

      Yes Moore is a bit og a mascot for GW, but then she is also a bit of a mascot for white middle class feminism.

      I didnt read the other article on the subject in the Graun but I know they often contradict themselves, whilst somehow still seeming able to push a single ‘line’ on things.

  2. September 28, 2013 10:56 am

    A lot of the guardian seems to be a sort of therapy designed to allow the reader to believe themselves to be outside of the establishment while still being part of it. Suffering of others may be enjoyed voyeuristically while enjoying the good life. In this way the reader may believe themselves both sophisticated and compassionate.


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