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‘The Women’ and the rest of us

January 19, 2013

I could write a LOT about the Suzanne Moore/Julie Burchill debacle, but I am too busy laughing really. Evoking Gore Vidal, it is incredibly (if perversely) pleasurable for me to sit here and say I. Told. You. So. I have been unpicking the transphobia, misandry (and often plain misogyny) of Moore and her cronies’ writings for a long time now. I will just mention that unlike most who have responded to this latest meltdown by La Moore, I have huge problems with her initial piece that set this whole thing off. Because I believe focussing on ‘female anger’ is biologically determinist, and just reinforces the gender binary. But my views on this have got me into trouble.

So  I am going to refer you to some measured, sensitive and also quite hard hitting responses from others to this latest scene in that campiest, bitchiest of dramas, The Women.

Please read Deborah Orr in the Graun, Christopher Bryant in Polari Magazine, Paris Lees in DIVA mag and stavvers on her blog. And please, as I am doing, take some comfort from the fact that Moore and her coven now, at last, seem to be a tiny minority in their hateful, clumsy opinions. The rest of us are doing ok thanks.

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  1. January 19, 2013 5:24 pm

    Yes, I’m sure you’re enjoying this very much 😉

    Nice collection of please reads too.

  2. redpesto permalink
    January 20, 2013 3:34 pm

    That Bryant piece captures something of what I’d like to say about Moore’s increasingly dodgy and selective take on ‘sexual liberation’. Sample quote:

    The polemic only works if there is a monolithic definition of marriage. Moore is only interested in that view, and so sidesteps the question of equal rights and the sexual politics of choice. An alternative that would allow for elasticity and complexity does not come in to it.

    She made the same mistake with Fifty Shades of Grey: rather than recognise it’s a bad book about a legitimate sexual practice (female submissive/male dominant BDSM), she kicks off about how the book will set women back centuries because other women are too dumb to tell the difference between fantasy and real life. Or something.

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